The United Kingdom will increase its nuclear arsenal

The United Kingdom will increase its nuclear arsenal For the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union, with the aim of reviewing foreign and defense policies.

The British government, unlike previous decisions, will increase the number Nuclear warhead provided from 180 to 260, About 45% more, according to the document Prime Minister Johnson submitted to Parliament.

“The first result of the integrated review – the latter says – is the government’s decision to invest an additional 24 billion pounds in defense, to allow the global modernization of our armed forces and to undertake the renewal of nuclear weapons.”

In the post-Brexit era, Johnson is calling for the United Kingdom It will work to deepen trade and defense ties with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Without abandoning old allies.

“The UK’s commitment to European homeland security will remain unconditional and steadfast, embodied in our leadership in the deployment of NATO to Estonia.”

However, according to the changing priorities of the country’s foreign policy, the new flagship aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth II will be deployed later this year to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Which indicates the military commitment of the pro-Western forces in the region.

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