The United Kingdom, the world’s largest vegetarian burger, weighs 160 kg

One of the UK meat producers produced the world’s largest vegetarian burger, weighing 162 kilograms.

162.4 kilograms, to be exact: this weight of register Fromvegan burger The largest in the world, prepared by the UK meat production company Finnebrogue Artisan. On the other hand, we already knew vegan food across the channel was going strong: just think of the vegan challenge, which wasn’t as popular this year.

vegan burger

Finnebrogue Artisan used the recipe for the Naked Evolution Burger to set the record, and the final work equates to about 1,274 sandwiches. And a hamburger of this size obviously needs the right toppings: 10 kg of tomatoes, 4.5 of lettuce, 7 of cheese, 2 of onions, and finally 5 kg of pickles, vegan bacon and sauce. The bread was provided by a local bakery, and the burger took a full 9 hours to cook.

“We set a target weight of 100 kilos, but we knew from the start that we wanted to exceed it,” he commented. Sean Kearney, responsible for the Finnebrogue Artisan innovation process. “We designed and built everything, including the swing to help flip the pie while it was cooking. This was probably the most challenging part of the record because we didn’t want to smash it.” Since, according to the same rules as the Guinness Book of Records, food cannot be wasted, the mega burger was donated to a local charity that distributed it to the homeless.

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