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The United Kingdom prepares for Brexit

The UK has already paid a huge bill for 3 years of non-Brexit: it has lost around 60 billion GDP. In the last quarter of 2019, the engine stopped: in October, zero growth, weak industrial production, a slow economy like it had not happened since 2012. At the moment, it is not Brexit that is holding back growth and burdening the economy; The real culprit is the halting of Brexit.

If Johnson gets a majority able to allow him a quiet room to maneuver, Brexit will be done quickly, with deadlines met. The scenario would be very different if Labor wins. Corbyn promised to demand a postponement of Brexit and a new deal with the European Union. If Corbyn, the leader of the Labor Party associated with a Marxist tradition not dead, prevails, he will profoundly alter the structure of the economic system that has been the heart of liberalism. If no party reaches an absolute majority, negotiations will open to form a coalition or minority executive branch. So far, the Conservative Party led by Boris Johnson has been seen as the candidates, but the contrast between the Conservatives and other British political forces is undeniably stark. Theresa May’s alliance with a Northern Irish Diop is hard to replicate given the contradictions over the hot topic of Brexit.

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