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The United Kingdom, because Queen Elizabeth always wears colorful clothes

Why does Queen Elizabeth always wear colorful dresses? The reason is really special: he doesn’t want to risk merging!

One of the reasons why it’s always known is a file Queen ElizabethOn his public outings, he chooses his clothes. bright colors And the Contradictions Always Special: The Queen definitely can’t go unnoticed.

United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth’s colorful clothes

Hugheswhich will soon be available at United Stateexplain why Queen Elizabeth IIjust arrived 70 years of ruleAlways dresses a lot Colored and shiny: “The Queen always tends to wear color because of It feels like if people are in line for many hours just to see itThe courtesy you should show them is Dress so they can see her. “ The goal, then, is to make yourself unique in relation to the people who are with you, but also in relation to the external environment: You’ll never see Elizabeth wearing green in a garden!

Logic about groups: nothing is left to chance

What is clear is that Which outfit the queen wears is not chosen at random. Indeed, there are arguments about days if not weeks, made by Elisabetta herself and her personal stylist, Angela Kelly: “We think a lot about that and Nothing is left to chance. If someone thinks they think too much about how to dress, it surely won’t be as much as Elisabetta and Angela do! “

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