“The unique and surprising success of Enzo Bearzot”

The cry of Marco Tardelli who “burned the grass of the Bernabeu”, the Scoponi science match between President Bertini and Enzo Berzot, also the brave choice to include Paolo Rossi and the first journalistic silence in the history of sport: forty years later there are still many vivid memories of that Italian national team that won The 1982 World Cup. These particular photos, along with the story of what happened off the field that Spanish summer, are at the heart of Italy World Cup 82the presentation by journalist and narrator Federico Bova, which was organized last Saturday at the Verona Beauty Festival.

Federico Bova, does the team led by Enzo Berzot represent the strongest national team ever?

“I don’t know if she is the strongest, but she is the one that affected us the most from a human point of view: to develop the world championship, for the champions, because of Maradona’s victory over Argentina, Brazil’s Zico. Socrates and Germany in the final. If you win three matches like this, you will have I already won the World Cup.”

After the football betting scandal, Italy did not reach Spain in favor of expectations.

“Perhaps the fact that he is deprived and in difficult conditions at home puts the Italian national team in an ideal situation. And the players took to the field for themselves and the team, as they repeated many times, “for the class, too.” At that time, after betting football, players were confused and notorious: many wanted to clarify that not all players sold their games, they wanted to defend the dignity of the class. As many journalists exaggerated their criticism, the Azzurri pressed themselves and invented the first journalistic blackout in the history of sports, although Enzo Bearzot was not entirely happy with it ».

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How important is the personality of the Friuli coach? Bearzot has also made controversial choices, such as not contacting Gelusian Roberto Prozo.

“Today, forty years after that victory, all the players who were there at the time repeat: ‘We would like there to be more respect for the man who led us to win the World Cup.’ There is still a little bit of respect, but Enzo Berzot did something surprising, Unique in some ways and above all else he did it by believing in things that he was probably the only one who believed in. The universe is right.”

What is a coach?

“A tough guy, very proud, drew great values ​​and was very attached to his players. Precisely for his players, with gratitude, gratitude and affection, he made the mistake of accepting the leadership of the 1986 national team. Then put aside, he forgot. At the 1994 World Championships in the United States, Berzot requested accreditation as a journalist in one of the major Italian newspapers: when the American organizing committee read his name, he called the newspaper, saying that they could not accredit him as a reporter, because for them he was a guest of honor. A world as far away as the world of American football could not believe that Bearzot was there as a journalist: he was one of the greatest coaches in the last years of football history.”

the offer Italia Mundial 82 comes after an episode of Storie Mondiali, which aired a few years ago on Sky: What’s been added?

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“There is widespread authorship. When I was in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, Tardelli called me and told me that he had seen the documentary on the advice of Paolo Rossi and thanked me for ‘talking about our world championship.’ From that moment I spoke a lot with the boys from ’82: Tardelli, Zoff, Graziani, Bergomi, Bruno Conte are the authors of this show.”

The replica held at the Verona Beauty Festival also tells the personal story of a non-Italian player, the Brazilian Zico who chose Udinese after the World Cup.

“How often in life do you feel a sense of honor out of the ordinary? A few weeks ago in Lignano Sabbiadoro I spent two days with Zico: strange to say, but he is the sixth author of the programme.

After the victory in Spain, it took 22 years to bring the World Cup back to Italy. What is the common denominator between the teams Enzo Bearzot and Marcelo Lippi?

“Italy was disliked and out of a terrible scandal (Calciopoli 2006, ed.). As always, the Italians give too much if they coagulate against something. ”

After another 14 years of fasting, last summer we celebrated another Blue Victory, winning the European Championship. However, Italy led by Mancini failed to qualify for the next World Cup in Qatar. What is the health status of our football?

“Italian football is, objectively, in crisis in all respects. At the management level, the federation and the league are struggling to live together, in recent years the numerous revenue from television rights has been spent on teams but not on the superstructures and infrastructure. And now you’re paying the bill, there’s not much you can do.”

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