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The UK will reallocate the stolen medals to soldiers who are hunted and imprisoned for being gay

It was only in 2000 that Britain repealed a law prohibiting gay men from serving in the military. Until that day, thousands of British soldiers were disgracefully dismissed for being gay. In addition to the dismissal, military leaders proceeded to withdraw their medals, often going so far as to be physically torn from their uniform after a court martial ruling. Many have also been imprisoned for being gay.
The last military man imprisoned on charges of homosexuality was David Bonnie, who was convicted by a court martial in Cornwall in 1993. He joined the RAF at the age of 17 but has a copy. Jay Times Found in her room, she started a two-year investigation. There was eavesdropping, stalking and interrogation of his friends and relatives. The military court sentenced him to six months in prison, with one month in solitary confinement.

Secretary Johnny Mercer has now announced that he wants to redress “historical injustice” by redistributing medals stolen from gay soldiers. Then he said he was prepared to show that the British Army is today “a positive place of action for all those who have chosen to serve”.
British LGBT activists welcomed the news, though they reported unresolved problems such as a criminal record that had not yet been cleaned or retirement rights not recognized.

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