The UK will also offer paid visas to European citizens from 2024

The application can, for the most part, be submitted through the mobile application, with immediate release of the visa unless justified refusal is made

A visa to enter the UK and the relevant economic contribution. Today’s official green light from British government To a highly anticipated introduction The electronic sight system is called ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization), similar to the US ESTA form for those traveling to the US for tourism. The mechanism, which means the need to compile a online form pay a modest sum of money, Should make entrances for casual travelers ‘more efficient and safer’According to Robert Jenrick, Deputy Home Secretary and Head of Sensitive Immigration within Rishi Sunak’s Tory team.

For now, it will apply to those arriving in the UK from some of the Gulf countries allied with London, from October through to Qatar. But from the end of 2024 – as has been expected for some time – it is also expected to come into force for occasional trips and short-term stays of tourists and holidaymakers from EU countries (including Italy): no longer covered by automatic freedom of movement within the UK Under post-Brexit restrictions. demand in most cases, It can be done through the mobile appWith immediate release of the visa unless justified refusal is made.

“Strengthening our borders remains a priority for the Conservative government,” Jenrick stressed, two days after the executive’s presentation to Parliament in Westminster of a controversial and harsh crackdown (at least on paper) on legislation against disembarkation of illegal immigrants in the kingdom. The deputy minister added that “ETA” will facilitate travel for legitimate visitors and travelers “from Arab countries, and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries will be the first to benefit from it.”

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