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The UK, Italy and Ferrari Trento win the World Champagne and Sparkling Wine Championships

The World Champagne and Sparkling Wine Championships, the competition designed and chaired by Tom Stevenson, the world’s leading expert in bubbles, has revealed its “gold” and “silver” medals for the 2021 edition, making the Ferrari Trento at Olympus the world’s bubbles. With 12 gold and 8 silver medals, Ferrari not only won the title of “Producer of the Year for Sparkling Wine”, but also played an instrumental role in asserting the Trentodoc as the most awarded Italian denomination, and in acknowledging Italy’s symbolic victory over France, with 58 gold medals to 52 in France.
Head-to-head to win the Product of the Year title, attributed to the winery with the most medals, happened again this year with Maison de Champagne Luis Roederer, winner of the latest edition, totaling 7 gold and 4 silver. “Congratulations to Ferrari Trento for winning the title of Best Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year 2021: a fantastic award for an outstanding product,” Tom Stephenson, creator of the Champagne Sparkling Wine World Championship comments.
Not only has Ferrari awarded the Great Reserves with the gold medal, but also non-antique Trentodocs, such as the Ferrari Brut, Trentina’s most famous brand – formerly known as ‘Blanc de Blancs World Champion’ in 2016 and ‘Best ”Italian sparkling wine in 2020 – and Ferrari Maximum, both in Blanc de Blancs and Rosé editions. Further confirmation of the Trentino Mountains mission to create bubbles that are able to establish themselves internationally, as well as Ferrari’s ability to express a very high level of quality throughout its range.
Over a thousand stickers have been presented and tasted at the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships, from all over the world, including Japan for the first time. At least one medal was awarded to 19 countries, consistent with the competition’s mission to promote wines of excellence and discover emerging regions and wineries around the world. Now we look forward to Virtual Party Awards Week, the week of November 22, when special prizes will be revealed – again this year online only – such as Best in Class Bubbles, Winners of National Awards Competitions and World Style Champions .

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