The UK could allow basic autonomous driving by 2021

Many car manufacturers around the world are working on the autonomous systems and the technology behind them. Even Apple, if the rumors are to be believed, may be working on a self-driving car. However, it could be years before self-driving cars become legal, even though the UK may decide to give the green light to 2021.

In fact, the UK government has announced that it intends to allow “basic” self-driving cars to circulate by the end of the year. Of course, since there are no self-driving cars available for purchase yet, except for Tesla, it’s about letting carmakers and companies test their autonomous driving systems in the field, so it’s between city traffic.

Tesla and Samsung are collaborating on self-driving devices

Having a larger data set to leverage will undoubtedly help companies further improve their autonomous driving technologies; Moreover, this green light will also allow the UK government to develop its own autonomous driving regulations and laws and the technology behind it, bearing in mind that this remains a particularly unstable ground, which could lead to regulatory gaps emerging. However, the UK government will start this program small and simple. In fact, the pilot program will be open only to self-driving cars with automatic lane-keeping systems. This is a small step, but nonetheless a big advance.

a second Transport Secretary Rachel McLean is an important step towards the safe use of autonomous vehicles in the UK, which will make future travel more environmentally friendly, easier and more reliable. However, he cautions at the same time:

We need to make sure this exciting new technology is safely implemented, which is why we are consulting about the rules that must be in place to enable it

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