The UK can also insert returnable vacuum on the cartons

For beverage cartons in TetraPak and the like, the British environment minister spoke of the possibility of introducing a returnable vacuum.

Reuse is better than recycling, which is one of the pillars of sustainability. Why don’t you go back to my old lover then returnable? As for glass, it has been reintroduced, even if we struggle to see its application. But soon this method can be extended to Cartonsfor recyclable paper beverage containers: at least in United kingdom. This is what Environment Minister Joe Churchill said in his answer to a parliamentary question: “We will announce more information about the deposit return scheme soon. I don’t think we should rule anything out, but I don’t make any promises either.”

The tetrahedron from the seventies

Alex Henriksen, CEO Northern Europe tetra pack He stated, “We have constantly asked for .’s cartoons to be included drinks In the UK’s returnable vacuum system since its launch. The limited model proposed by the government risks confusing consumers who are used to recycling a wide range of materials through other methods, and thus risks undermining the UK’s ambitions to create a truly circular economy and tackle climate change.”

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