The U-20 World Cup, the four tracks still in play: Italy take on Korea

At 19.30 and 23.00 (Italian time), two semi-finals of the Under-20 World Cup, which takes place in Argentina, are scheduled. The first two teams to face each other, to take to the field, will be Uruguay and Israel. Next, South Korea will face the under-20s of Carmine Nunziata from Italy.

Uruguay U-20 team

The only South American players still racing in the Latin World Cup scored six points in Group E. The victories can be traced back to matches one and three (Iraq and Tunisia), while England conceded two goals (the only ones). concession in the tournament). After the group stage, Uruguay, coached by Marcelo Broglie, beat Gambia 1-0. The match was decided by the youngster, born in 2004, Anderson Duarte. In the last match, South America beat the United States 2-0: striker Anderson Duarte again opened the scoring. The double is an own goal for the United States, and the constant is not to score goals.

Israel team

Ofir Chaim’s boys have only lost their first group match (against Colombia 2-1 against South America). The second match was a draw with Senegal, from that moment three consecutive victories arrived that brought the Israeli youth to the semi-finals: after the wins over Japan and Uzbekistan, the match that marked the turning point was certainly the 3-2 victory over Brazil. Despite the first goal conceded, Israel had the strength to tie the game and end the 90 regulation minutes in a draw. Then, in extra time, despite Brazil scoring first, Ofir Haim’s men equalized and then reversed the score.

South Korea

Unbeaten: Throughout the tournament, the Asian boys stunned the world by never being defeated: In the group stage they immediately started strong by beating (later eliminated) France 2-1 and then won by two points against Honduras and Gambia. In the knockout rounds, South Korea beat Ecuador 3-2 and eliminated Nigeria (1-0). Before facing Korea, the Nigerian international beat hosts Argentina 2-0 (one of the biggest favorites to win the World Cup).

Nunziata in Italy

The Azzurri are achieving an important World Cup: despite the defeat against Nigeria, Nunziata’s boys have won 4 (out of 5 available). The Italy Under-20s have a great deal of talent in their squad: Pafundi, Baldanzi and Casadei are the most mentioned but the quality of the Italian talent never seems to be certain. Now the challenge against Revelation Korea, hoping to reach the final.

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