The Twitter founder is also happy that the company is turning to Elon Musk

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey commented: Selling the company to businessman Elon Musk In a series of tweets on his personal page, saying that he was happy with this development and convinced that “the path is the right path.”

Dorsey is 45 and a very influential American entrepreneur: he founded Twitter in 2006 and served as CEO on several occasions, until 2021. His remarks may reassure many analysts and observers inside and outside the tech sector about the direction the social network will take once it is Owned by Musk, which is on skills The intentions also spread suspicion within Twitter itself.

In his thread of tweets, Dorsey wrote that while he ideally doesn’t think Twitter should be owned by one person, “Elon is the only solution I can trust, because I trust his mission to expand consciousness,” whatever that means. More specifically, Dorsey said he shares Musk’s goal of making Twitter more inclusive and transparent, as predicted in the press release announcing Monday’s impending purchase of the company. “The way is right…I believe in it with all my heart,” Dorsey concluded.

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