The turning point in the Emirates, the weekend will be on Saturday and Sunday – the world

Transformation in the United Arab Emirates. The government decided Weekend change from Friday – Saturday to Saturday – Sunday and create a Four and a half days in the work week. The rules are in effect From January 1According to the official WAM news agency. In addition to Saturday and Sunday, Emirati citizens will receive an additional half-day of rest Friday afternoon is a great day of prayer Weekly in Islamic countries. The UAE is the first country in the world to offer a shorter working week.

A few days ago, the Emirates celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of that December 2, 1971 in which they were united after the departure of British forces from the region, after it had been an English protectorate since 1892. In 50 years, the country has become the second largest economic power in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia. Driven by its vast oil wealth, the UAE has in fact relinquished its humble origins to become one of the largest economic and political players in the Middle East. symbolizes strength Dubai skyscrapers forestThe financial center of the country that owns the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which is 830 meters high.

Among the major producers of OPEC crude oil, the rapid growth of the union has been driven by oil and gas wealth and has seen the transition from 300,000 people to 10 million today, 90% of whom are foreigners. The right to citizenship due to the strict rules in force in the country. Having diversified its economy over decades, today The union wants to rely less on its oil and gas resources, and diversify in particular through tourism or finance. Two sectors that can be facilitated by shifting on weekends.

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