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Watch out for the Rai license fee, as there are those who can apply for an exemption in June. Here’s the truth you don’t expect.

Many can apply in June to getExemption from paying licensing fees. But who is qualified and how does it work? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

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From news, to cartoons for the little ones, to sports and music, there are plenty of TV shows to watch. right there the televisionIndeed, it allows us to quickly and easily access a large number of information from the comfort of home. To this end, however, it must be remembered, it is necessary to provide for payment Rai license fee. The latter, as it is known, for several years now, has been accused of invoice.

A situation that could soon change, so much so that we already had the opportunity to see together What could be the new payment methods for Rai . license fees Starting next year. But not only that, in this context always, it will be interesting to know that many are able to orderExemption by the end of June Directly from paying the fee. But who is qualified and how does it work? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

Rai fee, attention, who can apply for exemption in June: all you need to know

We have already said that many will be able to request a waiver of the RAI fee, as long as they are entitled to submit a specific application and submit it by June 30th. In this regard, it must be remembered that in order to obtain a complete exemption from the Rai license fee, it was necessary to submit The form can be downloaded from the Revenue Agency’s website by January 31. In this way, it was possible to benefit from the relative exemption throughout the year.

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For those who could not meet this deadline, it is good to remember to submit a specific application by the end of the sixth month of the year. If a specific question appears From February 1 to June 30, in fact, you are exempt from paying the Rai license fee, but only for the second half of the year. But who is entitled to be exempted from paying the licensing fee?

Well, among the people affected by this facility there are They don’t have any TV at home. But not only that, even those who have reached 75 years old, with own annual income and spouse does not exceed a total of 8 thousand euros. Finally, it also includes subjects entitled to waive Rai license fees Foreign diplomats and military.

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