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Presto Celine Dion She should have returned to the stage, ready to impress her fans with an incredible voice – the same voice that has kept us dreaming for so many years. But a health issue forced her to pause for a moment, to take care of herself by ditching the commitments that would have marked her return to the scene. Even though the worst moment seems to be behind her, the singer still has to do it Having a long recovery. That is why he announced the cancellation of his tour.

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Highly anticipated on stage after two years of hiatus due to the health emergency, Celine Dion had to deliver another bad news for his fans. In recent months he’s already talked about a serious man health problem, of mysterious, severe muscle spasms that put her to a severe test. The long period of respite which she had allowed herself to investigate the situation in depth was not yet over, although she had hoped that the new year would begin differently. Despite the resolve faced by this difficult moment, the singer could not help but succumb to the evidence: It’s not ready yet to return to performance.

“I was really hoping I’d be fine for now, but I think I need more patience And follow the regimen my doctors prescribe for me” – he admitted on Instagram – “There is a lot of organization and preparation behind our shows, and we have to make decisions today that will affect the plans for the next two months. I would be happy to be back in good health, as well as getting out of this pandemic. And I can’t wait to get on stage again. In the meantime, I am deeply moved by all the words of encouragement you sent me on social media. I feel your love and support, and it means a lot to me.”

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with these painful wordsSo Celine Dion announced the cancellation of part of his work Courage World Tour. The dates mentioned are those that could have seen her champion between the United States and Canada, while at least for the time being there is no news of shows scheduled for next May, when the singer is supposed to arrive in Europe. But for now, the biggest concern is definitely not his concerts: fans have been wondering for some time How is it reallyHis last message was not enough to reassure them.

How is Celine Dion?

Some of the pictures I took Magrissima Celine Dion, Now several months ago, they stirred The first doubts about his health. But only later the singer broke the silence: she had to cancel some very important professional commitments, and she could no longer hide the truth. She had severe and painful muscle spasms, which forced her to rest completely for several weeks. There were many rumors about what was really happening to her: if some sources close to her talked about one of them Somewhat alarming situationwas his friend Julie Snyder To reassure everyone.

celine fight, she never does anything with her half, at 53 she is still a woman who can make a difference, and she will prove it again this time”- Snyder explained in French weekly expensiveAnd we are all convinced that his words are more than true. But at the moment, fans of the Canadian singer will not be able to see her again on stage. It’s time for her to take care of herself and think only of health: when she finally recovers, she will have a chance Surprise us again With his unique talent.

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Celine Dion, Instagram Advertising

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