The trick to using WhatsApp without internet

In the end we can tell ourselves without embarrassment: WhatsApp is the app we use the most. There is no Telegram and nothing else can hold. It’s going to be a habit, that everyone here uses it and change is hard.

Moreover, the nice thing about WhatsApp is that there are many tricks to use to do the strangest things and often times some situations change us. For example, you may not know this, but there is a trick to using WhatsApp even without the Internet.

It will happen that you have no data and you have to switch between the different Wi-Fi networks in the city, but you are not always lucky, here is what you should do:

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First go to your phone settings, go to Mobile Networks and then to Access Point / APN Names and make sure that the APN of your carrier is entered correctly.

Then download Yoga VPN app, turn off Wi-Fi and remember you don’t have to have cash on your mobile. Then turn on the data. Then go to the app and select Quick start. Then select WhatsApp and wait for the apps to connect.

You can now send messages without the Internet, but be careful because the streak can be subject to significant fluctuations, so it can potentially be very difficult to send photos and other heavier files.

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