The trick to permanently disabling notifications from your smartphone actually works

Notifications on your phone are important, but what to do when there are too many: How to disable all or part of notifications

When we talk about apps and notifications, we are dealing with a topic that interests many: these are important elements but in some cases they can be excessive and lead to confusion or distraction. Here’s what and how to turn off notifications.

How to turn off notifications
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Characteristics, so to speak, and important aspects they relate to smart phones represents him Push notifications. This is the medium that applications use to send it to the user Communications And the Alerts This attention.

If it is not there, the respective user will have to open each one individually Application And look at any news, a waste of time and at the same time, Perhaps the risk of missing important news.

Then hypothesis important benefit of notifications, Sometimes it can be the ones that are associated with apps too much , At the risk of finding the phone full of notifications. Thus, the opposite effect occurs. The phone vibrates or rings constantly, and it winds up creating confusion And the distraction, Even after the warnings it may not be noteworthy.

This is where it is useful to know How to handle notifications and apps by customizing their management. It’s possible Turn off notifications that you may not want to receive or that you consider unhelpful. It can be done in a few steps and for a lot android how many iOS iPhones.

How to turn off Android app notifications

Speaking of saving time, this aspect that not everyone knows about can certainly arouse interest The WhatsApp, A function that links documents and multimedia content that makes everything instant.

Back to the point, regarding the hardware android, Since it is a more open system, it allows for some additional options in terms of personalization. Facts offers different levels of permissions about app notifications.

First, in the case of A Attention by one Application Which you do not want to be disturbed by in any way, the solution is very fast. Just keep pressing for a few seconds Attention itself and referred to Turn off notifications.

This way there will be no more. Otherwise, you can choose “set as silent”so that it reaches but will not generate a sound.

But you can do more on Android. There is a possibility choose one for each type of notification to be sent, in a way that limits them without excluding them. The user can only keep the things they judge and consider really important.

By doing this, when you look at the lock screen, or the Always On Display, you will not receive an invitation to start the device.

Android, how to turn off notifications: other aspects to know

It must be taken into account that Each application has its own menu, One way to get to this menu for an individual app is by following two paths that lead to the same point.

Press and hold for a few seconds on a file Attention, You can go up Other settingsAt this point, you need to go to the main menu “Settings” From the device, go to “Applications”, And from the relative list, tap on the apps of interest, then select Notifications management.

Here, you will see a complete menu for customizing the push notifications mentioned above. Above all there “Allow Notifications”, From absolute performance like “disable” we saw previously. If it is turned off, nothing will come up, and other settings will disappear, since they will not be active.

If you choose instead to be allowed Notifications, continue. Just below, are the two Places Where notifications can be displayed. The lock screen and then the banner above it.

You can insert or remove the check according to your needs. For a reason aggregate, It is there too Hide notification details on the lock screenWhen it is active, the ban notification will appear anonymously and without details.

The most interesting section is further down, ie where there are different keys to depend on “species” of notifications that can reach the device. For example, Facebook allows you to receive different types of notifications: from likes to comments, from birthdays to suggestions, and so on.

The user can select their preference, leave some out and possibly disable others. When things are done, just exit the menu, ei The changes will be active.

How to turn off iPhone notifications: how it works

the above procedure Iphone It is more streamlined because it is a more closed system than the previous one. The result, however, is that everything is more are fast.

First you need to go to the main menu Settings, From where you will have to select the application you want. There is the full list, but there is also the ability to search for them by typing in their names.

After you get to the respective application item, you will have to go to the menu “Notices”, Opening a panel similar to the one covered in the previous description about Android.

there Transformation To turn off all notifications from this app. With it left active, you can select a file Places Where do you allow them. This is the lock screen and notification center. And more banners, each with its own permission.

The user also has a way to decide pattern from the latter. Below, there are some decisions to make about the situation notifications that you want or don’t want. For example sounds, badges or even Siri and more.

Basically, compared to Android, there are no customizations related to notification categories. But there’s more to reception mode.

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