The trick to open your secret WhatsApp menu full of silly things

Not everyone knows this but WhatsApp hides a secret menu full of very convenient and fast options in the strangest place you can imagine. To unlock it you have to pretend to delete the app.

Let me explain: Turn on your phone and go to the green WhatsApp app icon. Now instead of going into the platform, tap and hold on the app as if you want to delete it.

The WhatsApp

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Here a strange menu will appear with different options. The thing that is usually used in these cases is “uninstall” with a small fee to the trash. But there are others below.

If you have Android, you will see the list of contacts you have talked to in the past few hours, as well as the button to access your smartphone’s camera. If you use Apple instead, you can access the QR code, the camera, a new chat, or search for something specific in a conversation.

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