The trick to free up space on WhatsApp without losing anything

WhatsApp is the most used messaging system in the world and it is definitely one of the most active apps on our phone. This means that it is very practical and instant, but also full of all kinds of content that takes up space on the phone.

Maybe it’s time to do some cleaning.

For those who do not want to erase everything in their chats but still want to trim their memory, there is a very simple trick to achieve this goal.

The WhatsApp

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Go to WhatsApp and explore its settings. You will find the “Space and Data” category. Then, by going to Manage Space, you’ll finally be able to see any abandoned content in your chats.

You can go in order of the space occupied, looking at the heaviest videos or documents you have in the archive (and possibly deleting them manually, one by one), or by checking every single conversation next to which the amount of space they take up will be indicated.

If you’ve been spending some time with him, you’ll see that you’re freeing up a ton of space, or you’ll discover silly photos you’ve shared in the past that you want to delete completely.

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