The trick is to wash the fruit and not endanger your health


Cherries should be washed well to get rid of the pesticides and not endanger your health. Let’s find out the recommended trick to remove all traces.

One of the Italians’ favorite fruits can harm your health if you do not follow certain guidelines. Let’s see how to properly wash the cherries.

Cherry and pesticides

L ‘Use of pesticides It is dangerous to people if there are effects of it on food while eating it. Unfortunately, many studies and surveys have found that many fruits contain pesticides or other harmful substances. strawberry on top of the table Some research but no shortage of results on vegetables and flour, on tea And On tomato pulp. Consumer associations warn of the dangers of long-term use of pesticides and call on citizens to pay special attention to them Washing fruits and vegetables. The warning also concerns a fruit that is about to hit the tables of many families, the cherry. During the summer many people consume kilograms of cherries, they are delicious and loved even by the little ones. Let’s see what The correct way to remove all traces pesticides.

Cherries and pesticides, and how to wash the fruit well

It is not enough to rinse the cherries under tap water to eliminate all traces of pesticides or other harmful substances on the fruit. The advice is to submerge the cherries in a bowl with it water and bicarbonate or water and vinegar Leave for 15/20 minutes. Then it can be rinsed well and eaten. If you are using baking soda, just add a few teaspoons to the water to get one or two liters of water while if the option is about vinegar, you should add a full cup.

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This is often the only way to be able to eat safely without putting your health at risk. You not only need to wash the cherries but also Grapes, strawberries, apples and apricotsE – Peaches, oranges and grapefruit. Pollution, as mentioned, spreads and also involves vegetables. Celery, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, salads, the list is long and no food is excluded.

Consequences for health

You might think that using a solution with baking soda and vinegar is overkill and that water is enough to clean the fruit. However, the presence of pesticides, It should not be underestimated Because the health consequences can be very serious in the long run. Consumer associations talk about the possibility of demonstrating Asthma, infertility and cancer. A real danger that can be avoided by choosing organically grown fruits and vegetables.

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