The trick is to avoid letting Google listen in on every conversation: so you’ll be safe

No one might have told you this before, but there is a trick to stop Google from listening to all your conversations.

Surely you will also think at least in some cases That Google has been spying on you. In fact, how many times have you noticed that after a trivial search, your smartphone started offering products related to it?

What to do if Google is spying on you: foolproof trick (

This is of course just one example, but the list could really go on. But don’t worry, because from now on you won’t have to worry because we are about to reveal a file Foolproof trick to prevent Google from spying on every conversation. Are you curious to know more right away? So let’s stop talking and let’s dig deeper into this topic.

The trick is to avoid letting Google listen in on every conversation

Nowadays, with the inevitable advancement of technology, the Internet and social networks, it is becoming increasingly difficult to feel truly safe. In fact, your data is constantly exposed to many risks and attacks. It’s a big deal! until Google Sometimes it seems like he is spying on us and in fact he is. Anyway, it is there A way to prevent Google from listening to every conversation. Once you try this foolproof trick as well, you will surely be safer. Take a look here with your own eyes.

No need to get around it: Google He is capable of it Watch us and listen to our conversations At any time. For this reason, it is best for you to also put into practice this foolproof trick that will save you from many problems. Practically speaking, all you have to do is search among the apps on your smartphone for a Google, click on the circle in the upper right, that is, the circle with your photo or initials, and select “Manage your Google Account”. Then go to Data & Privacy and scroll down until you find Web & App Activity. Once you click on it, you can deactivate the setting related to history and activities on sites and applications, but above all, the most dangerous possible setting, that is, the one related to your audio activity.

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in this way, You can prevent Google from listening to everything you say, I feel a little safer. In short, with just a few simple steps you can increase the level of security of your account and avoid a series of unpleasant situations.

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