The tour departs from Miami

Are you ready to put on the mask and take part in the first international heist? On September 29, the experience of Money Heist, an initiative that allows fans to immerse themselves in the world of the series, began paper housePlanning a robbery, evading security, and cracking codes for a successful escape.

The tour began in Miami at the historic Alfred L Dupont Building and will continue with stops in cities such as London, Mexico City, Paris and New York. On Everyeye you will find the La casa di carta 5 Part 1 review.

“The Paper House is one of the most popular shows in the world and Miami is an international destination for tourism, art, and entertainment, so it is fitting that Netflix brings this immersive experience to the heart of downtown Miami for its US debut. It will relieve audiences of the legendary history of the DuPont building as a bank, offering an experience of A unique Miami that will propel guests on an epic adventure and bring more action to the Flagler Street neighborhood of Miami.” said Gary Ressler, owner of the Alfred DuPont Building.
Once you enter the 17-storey building which features a lavish ballroom, marble walls and ornate iron gates, Visitors will be recruited into the notorious Lisbon gang, played by Itziar Ituno in the series.
Their mission will be distinguished A new story based on the series, which will see them follow the Professor’s daring plan to infiltrate the building. After the robbery, visitors can relax in a themed bar with aperitifs, merchandise, and custom cocktails.

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If you’re not among those who can take the tour, here are the 5 best quotes from Tokyo at The paper House.

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