The threshold cannot be exceeded per day and month

There is a limit for paying through the ATM, which is a daily and monthly limit that cannot be exceeded. Let’s see the differences between the banks and see if there is a possibility to change the margin.


spending limitsmaximum tax limits, Checks the reasons for conversions, check withdrawals Some of the operations carried out by the tax authorities to combat tax evasion. Traceability of payments and movements made by taxpayers has become a priority for the Revenue Agency and the interest on all of us should always remain high. Being subject to examinations and inspections, in fact, is not a pleasant thing and the risk of being subjected to high penalties. In this uncomfortable climate, it is important to know what Maximum ATM Payment Amount So as not to violate the general guidelines.

Every bank has an ATM payment limit

When it comes to ATMs, you should get the most attention Aim for withdrawals. Every lender sets a daily limit that goes From 250 euros to a thousand euros. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the monthly maximum, which is usually 3 thousand euros but in some cases stops at 2,500 EUR. After that, if you withdraw from an ATM, the limit is 250 euros per day.

By pulling higher numbers than specified, The ATM will stop working No further payments will be possible. So it will be necessary to wait for the midnight stroke to be able to reuse the card. The same goes for the monthly limit. To overcome it, it will be necessary to wait next month before you can withdraw again.

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How to avoid withdrawal limit

The withdrawal threshold can be circumvented by going to Your bank branch Withdrawals directly from the current account. You will need to have your reference PIN and date of birth on hand. it’s possible Authorize third parties to carry out the process but be careful Because it is not always allowed.

The second way to exceed the daily or monthly limit is to go back to the double circuit. Each debit card operates on two different circuits, national and international. We are talking about Bancomat, pagobancomat, Mastercard, Mastro and Visa. These circles cumulative In such a way as to increase the amount that the ATM withdraws.

Finally, remember that it is possible Ask your bank to change the minimum and raise it. Not all institutes allow this “privilege” so it is advisable to make an appointment to check the feasibility of the process.

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