The three trivial mistakes many make that don’t allow us to have a solid buttocks for a side B Screaming

With the swimsuit rehearsal nearing and gyms closed, we’re all busy with fitness at home. We talked about it a lot. In fact, on several occasions, ProiezionidiBorsa experts have provided helpful advice for training at home and using simple things that are commonly used.
Today we’ll focus on the squat, which is a lower-body exercise that’s a great classic gift in nearly all training sessions. It is actually a basic exercise to improve strength.
It looks easy to perform, in fact, not that easy. It is, in fact, a complex exercise that should be paid close attention. If it is not done perfectly, it will not be of use at all. In fact, the risk of getting hurt and getting some injury becomes high.

So let’s see together what are the three trivial mistakes many make that don’t allow us to have a high and firm buttocks in order to scream from the B side.

Shallow squat

To do a full squat, your hips should drop below the knees. The intent should be to try to touch the ground with the buttocks.

Remember that your feet should be shoulder width apart to give your body more stability.

Lift your heels off the ground

The feet must be planted firmly on the ground otherwise we risk losing our balance. Especially the heels. In fact, we should really try to unload all of our weight on the heels. To make it easier, let’s try to imagine raising your toes.

Bow your back

While performing the squat, we must keep the back very straight, never bend over, it just needs to form a slight hunch in the lower back. On the contrary, both the spine, and thus the intervertebral discs, which are a very sensitive part of injuries, will be affected.

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Advantages of squatting

After revealing the three trivial mistakes many make that don’t allow us to have a firm butt for a great B-side, we remind you that squatting is a really basic exercise and it’s a good thing to do. Yes, it concerns the lower body but it also allows us to improve strength. Here are the specific benefits we can take advantage of:

A) Strengthening the legs and buttocks.

B) indirectly strengthening the back and calves muscles.

C) Improving the stability of the core muscles (abdominal belt);

D) Maintain healthy bones and joints (for example the ankle joint);

E) Improving the overall mobility of the lower body.

Squats are performed primarily without the body. As his training increases, the effort can be ramped up by adding weight: Shoulder Position A. Iron Or simply by holding a dumbbell, pinch, or dumbbell in your hand.


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