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One of the most talked about games from Gamescom is lies inLike New Souls based on the Pinocchio story and puts us in the shoes of a doll who wants to be a real baby. It may seem like a silly premise, but the developers have made it clear that they are there Three excellent reasons to choose Pinocchio: familiarity, mystery and diversity. Let’s deepen them.

As for the knowledge, the developers wanted to “find something that is well known, because it is the first like our souls”. The team wanted, as director Choi Ji-Won explained to IGN USA, to be able to draw on a group of users who were already fans of the topic. Ji-Won stated, “So we first picked a famous story and then customized it.”

regarding the darknessJi-Won explains that the best known version of Pinocchio in the West is the Disney version, which is clearly designed for a very small audience. But the truth is that Carlo Collodi’s original story is much darker for adults. So there is a substance to create a dark soul like spirits, as is usual in the genre.

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Finally, the team chose Pinocchio as their inspiration because they found themselves traveling Many different environments. There won’t be levels inside the whale’s belly, but “Pinocchio has different settings. Pinocchio starts at the house of Geppetto, then goes to the ocean, then to the whale. That’s why we realized Pinocchio is so much fun in our game.” .

Finally, we leave you to the lies of P.

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