The three corporate priorities

Recovery Plan, the three corporate priorities: public administration, structural reforms and digitization. These are the main interventions of Stefano Fassina, interviewed on April 19, 2021 in #FlashMobWeb, the economic and financial form that arose out of the corporate relations column Video Backlight, in collaboration with newspapers and Informazione Fiscale.

Recovery plan, what is it Three priority interventions Placed in favor of companies?

For the honor Stefano FasinaAdequate professional competence in public administration, structural reforms and digitization.

Was a response Secretary of the Standing Committee VBudget, Treasury and Planning for the House of Representatives, arriving on the occasion of the interview on April 19, 2021.

There were several issues addressed in the third appointment of #FlashMobWebThe financial and economic form that arose out of the corporate relations column, Video Backlight, in collaboration with the newspapers and Informazione Fiscale.

Many i am Third study subjects, Of the non-reimbursable contributions to the vaccination campaign that passes through IRPEF and tax justice reform.

The Recovery Plan: Mr. Vasina’s Three Business Priorities

The April 30, 2021 It was fixed there Limit To view the recovery plan in Brussels.

Passage in Parliament PNRR Project, Which must be approved after room suggestions.

Interview with The Honorable Stefano Fasina during the third appointment by #FlashMobWebThe financial and economic form that arose out of the corporate relations column, Video Backlight, in collaboration with the newspapers and Informazione Fiscale.

There were many issues that were covered during Live broadcast on April 19, 2021: Non-reimbursable contributions, vaccination campaign, IRPEF reform, tax justice and much more.

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The Secretary of the Standing Committee VThe budget, treasury and planning of the House of Representatives.

To choose Three priorities To interfere with recovery plan resources, Stefano Fasina outlined the following:

  • Adequate professionalism in public administration;
  • Structural reforms;
  • Digitization.

The first intervention does not aim to support the individual firm but rather allows it to operate in an environment that permits it Development:

“As far as I am concerned, the implementation of infrastructure projects is essential, though not necessarily direct, for the purpose of influencing the business. There is a large infrastructure gap especially in some parts of the country. It does not directly affect the individual company, but rather determines the context in which it takes place. It is critical for competitiveness.

So the first intervention must relate to public infrastructure, and to do so, it is necessary for public administration to equip itself with technical skills capable of tangible manufacture. PNRR Procedures:

In recent weeks, I have been very insistent that the public administration provide itself with adequate human resources, professional profiles, they are not quantities but qualities of professional traits: therefore engineers, architects, those technical figures with exclusively illegal competence allow translations and projects in tangible investments.

The first point would be in the sense that it is necessary to allow Effective interventionsAs The Honorable Fassina emphasized:

Look at this crucial point. There is a lot of insistence on simplifying the purchase code, okay, in simplifying the procedures. But from analyzing the data, we saw that even with the turnover stalled in the last 10 years, there has been such impoverishment that if we don’t rebuild that high-quality human resource, we won’t succeed. This is the first point. “

The Recovery Plan: Structural reforms and digitization

The second and third pillars of interventions are in favor of BusinessFor Stefano Fasina, structural reforms and digitization.

Large-scale interventions will be possible before The majority support the Draghi government.

On the measures to be taken, Vasina comments on the following:

As you know, in addition to the spending portion, the domain name registry registry also has a chapter dedicated to structural reforms. I believe justice reform, especially civil justice, is a crucial asset. This large majority also makes it possible to find a point of equilibrium that can persist over time, so the second chapter that I see as a priority is precisely this one that relates to structural reforms. “

The third intervention instead concerned an issue that had clearly accelerated the coronavirus emergency.

On the one hand, in fact, it is a process Business digitization With sanitary measures to contain the infection, on the other hand, there is still a lot of work to be done.

In this regard, Vasina points to the need for targeted interventions:

Finally, there is a part of the digitization chapter that also impacts business. Here, and even in this regard, I think we should not be able to repeat what we have done in recent years, the so-called horizontal interventions. But we should have more ability to direct resources than we have. “

The proposed interventions, although not decisive for the esteemed master, can raise the overall productivity of firms and thus have a benefit. Also a specific impact on business.

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