The Surrealist Sound of the Red Planet LISTEN

First sound straight from Mars. NASA’s mission continues with perseverance Which sends contributions from the “Red Planet” on a daily basis. In addition to the exciting photos that show a wasteland that must be discovered, The Wind’s Voice was published today, Noise mars.

“Things are looking really good here – he writes perseverance on his Twitter profile – Hear the first sounds of the wind that my SuperCam picks up on. This microphone is at the top of my tree. For this recording, the mast was still defective, so the sound was a bit muffled. ”

Well all that’s left is to listen. A surreal sound in a world so far from the reality we live here on Earth.

The first sound from Mars

The perseverance wagon is looking for a new parking place

Moreover, for a few days, the NASA Perseverance rover worked to find a “parking spot” where the Ingenuity helicopter unmanned aerial vehicle would be launched, and to check whether the area, inside the Jezero crater, could be suitable for flight. In a tweet, NASA is posting its latest image sent by Perseverance, where you can see the mark its wheels have left on Mars. He has so far cut about 70 meters in this search of his own. The helicopter is a technical demonstration mission to investigate the possibility of flying on Mars. If successful, it could pave the way for future missions on planet Earth with second-generation helicopters. NASA has also released more photos of his perseverance examining his robotic arm, one of the tools that will help him in his search for traces of past life and in collecting the first samples of Martian soil that will be brought to Earth in 2031.

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The first step to perseverance

On March 6, the Chariot of Perseverance traveled the first few meters on the surface of Mars and sent the image of the imprint its wheels left on Earth back to Earth. This was the first test in which the rover covered a distance of 6.5 meters, allowing all instruments on board to be calibrated. Once fully operational, the rover will be able to travel about 200 meters per day. In the 33 minutes of testing, the Tenacity Wagon moved its six wheels forward four meters and then turned left and copied another two and a half meters. “We are confident that the propulsion system is in place and capable of transporting us to wherever science takes us in the next two years,” said test engineer Anees Zarifian of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The test was also an opportunity to give a name to the site where Perseverance reached Earth, on the evening of February 18, 2020: It is dedicated to American science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler, born in Pasadena, where Jpl is located. She falls and died in 2006. She was the only woman to win a MacArthur Prize so far. “I couldn’t think of a better person as a symbol of this historic site,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s chief science officer. “Not only did Octavia E-Butler grow up alongside the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, but – she added – it inspired millions of people with her vision for a science-based future” and her work “continues to inspire scientists and engineers around the world, all in the name of a bolder future.” And fair to all. ”After sending the first images of Mars in high resolution to Earth and after listening to the winds of Mars, the perseverance is now ready for new motion tests on progressively longer paths and new calibration tests for the scientific instruments and systems that the rover will use. , The date of which has not yet been determined.

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