The surprising revelation from NASA

“Aliens may have already visited Earth.” The hypothesis proposition is not a plot set, but NASA, the most important space agency in the world. Scientists, who have never ruled out that there might be extraterrestrial life, Talk about the possible Strange visit, in an official document, issued on November 30. We read in the issued document that: “When we learn about Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena (UAP, or more commonly known as Unidentified Flying Objects or Unidentified Flying Objects), it opens the door to new scientific questions to explore.” Revelation comes after Government publication of a report on a series of mysterious flying objects, observed in military airspace in recent decades.

144 cases of “unspecified weather phenomena” were observed

He examined the report, which was released in June on the website of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence 144 cases of “unidentified weather phenomena”. “Of the 144 reports we deal with here, we have no clear indications of a non-terrestrial explanation, but we will go wherever the data takes us,” A senior US official said.We have no clear indications that any of these unidentified weather phenomena are part of the collection programme [di intelligence] foreign and we have no clear data indicating significant technological advances by a potential opponent.”. Many reports claim that UFOs have been seen appearing or diving into the ocean, which has led to a series of speculations about the connection between objects and the ocean.

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