The surprise can be very unpleasant

Using a mobile phone or smartphone while driving can lead to an unwanted surprise: we must pay attention to those who are watching us

We spend our days using it practically all the time. This is also why it is so hard to get away from him cell phone while we are driving our car. A strong temptation, whether in connection with telephone conversations with the device to the ear, and above all when you want to read something, or even answer message.

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The danger of this habit is also evident because the potential it offers is often overlooked technology: such as voice commands or the ability to read texts (by the device itself and tools in the car) and also the use of a simple speaker or headphone. Again, old cars also allow you to connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth very easy.

However, many motorists continue to be distracted while driving. Unfortunately, they often think that they are doing it without anyone noticing. It is believed, in fact, that as long as you are not stopped at a checkpoint, everything will go smoothly. Instead, there is an inherent danger, especially since there is no way to notice. Many traffic police and not only, in fact, when they see a car driver Whoever carries his smartphone while driving, write down the license plate and send the fine directly to his home. The practice is spreading more and more.

The mobile phone in the car and the license plate number: you need to be very careful


Now the cases are multiplying, and more and more citizens are witnessing heavy penalties while they are with phone handy while they are driving. Often we do not even remember the circumstances, but this practice is more and more widespread and we must be very careful. After all, we are talking about one of the offenses of traffic regulations More frequent and punished. The use of a mobile phone while driving (or rather a smartphone) is strictly prohibited by law, however it is one of Errors That motorists do it more easily. This prohibition is regulated in Article 173 of the Law. Definitely not just expecting a fine salty But also severe punishment, a comment licensewhich only applies in the case of recidivism, if the offense is committed from the second time onwards.

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It should be borne in mind that the fine can be raised not only with the unpleasant habit of placing phone Close to your ear while driving, but also when using headphones Or other similar devices that isolate themselves from street noise. The administrative penalty is between 83 and 332 euros, but it can also be up to 660 EUR In the most remarkable cases. Moreover, the driver’s license is expected to be suspended from one to three months, if the second arrives infringement Like that over two years.

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