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The Supreme Court of the United States permits mailing restrictions on the Supreme Committee for Follow-up

However, the court said that any ballot papers cast before they acted, and received within two days of the order, cannot be rejected for failure to comply with witness requirements. Judges Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch indicated that they would not have counted those votes.

Election law expert Rick Hasen, who works as an election law analyst at CNN, said.

South Carolina law requires that voters who cast their absentee ballots by mail take an oath that they are eligible to vote and have received no voting assistance upon stamping and signing the ballot papers, and the oath must be witnessed by someone else, who must sign under the voter’s signature.

Democrats objected to the ruling, arguing that due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there is “irrefutable and irrefutable evidence that, as applied during the epidemic, the witness’s demand increases the risk of infection and transmission of Covid-19 virus and unconstitutionally burdens the right to vote.” A lower court prohibited this condition.

Republicans argued to the Supreme Court that more than 150,000 absentee ballots “have already been mailed out, and every day that passes increases the risk of ballots being returned, and that, in erroneous reliance on the District Court order, does not comply with witness requirements.”

They said, although COVID-19 may make personal voting less desirable, courts cannot pass citizens’ decisions to stay home for their safety against the state.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh Explain why you voted for the Republicans. He said that a state legislature’s decision to either “retain or make changes to election rules to address COVID-19 usually should not be subject to speculation by an unelected federal judicial authority” and that the court has repeatedly affirmed that federal courts should not change state election laws close. Very from the election.

He said the court of first instance “defied this principle.”

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