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The Super Mario Bros. Movie: US release date has been brought forward

Universal has announced that the movie based on the Super Mario Bros video games will arrive earlier than expected in US theaters, shifting the release date.

Members Super Mario Bros You will have to wait a few days less in the US to be able to see a film Which will tell the adventures of a cute plumber based on popular video games: Exit date It was actually expected.
The date is now set for Wednesday, April 5, instead of Friday, 7, which is the day the animated feature will debut in more than 60 different markets, including those in Italy, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Mexico, and the United States. Kingdom and Ireland. Universal also revealed that it will be distributed in Japan starting April 28, marking the holiday.

The Super Mario Bros. movie. Chris Pratt sports a new mustache that pays homage to the famous plumber

The cast of the animated film, in its original version, is star-studded: Chris Pratt will play Mario, and Anya Taylor-Joy, star of The Queen of Chess, will be Princess Peach. Jack Black will play the voice of Bowser, Keegan-Michael Key will play Toad, Seth Rogen will play Donkey Kong, Fred Armisen will play Cranky Kong, Kevin Michael Richardson will play Kamek, and comedian Sebastian Maniscalco will play Spike.

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