The submarine crisis, towards an interview between Biden and Macron. France: “We want clarification.” Australia: ‘Paris has learned of our reservations’

New developments in Diplomatic crisis between France, United States e Australia open from Okos CharterAnd Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom geopolitical agreement to supply submarines a nuclear propulsion Which led to the Australian government tearing up a supply contract Billionaire with Paris for the same weapons. after, after The Withdraws subordinate Ambassadors of France (a) Canberra and Washington – With Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian who spoke of “contempt, contempt and lies” and even threatens the consequences for the future of NATO – US President Joe Biden Request an interview with Emmanuel Macron, which will be held over the phone in the next few days. From the French side, the Elysée spokesperson announces Gabriel AtalThere will be a “request for clarification” on a matter which, he said, constitutes a “serious breach of mutual trust” between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, at a press conference in Sydney, argued that Macron’s government was aware of “Deep and serious reservationsAbout the adequacy of the French offer, long before the contract was canceled. Submarine capabilities mass attack did not satisfy us strategic interests We made it clear that we would make a decision based on our national strategic interest,” noting that pursuing the deal with France would be “neglected.” denial Entirely from the French side: “At no time did, in any way” France “give a clear indication that the contract was going to end,” he says. guardian – French Ambassador to Australia, Jean-Pierre Thibault, when boarding the flight to Paris.

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