The Subaru BRZ, this is the reason why the turbo-tech isn’t

Is it good or bad that the new Subaru BRZ doesn’t have a turbo? Has the feeling of underpowered chassis disappeared in the new model? What does adding a turbocharger mean? He tried to answer these and other questions that many fans might have asked themselves Explain geometry, Which is a YouTube channel with 2.9 subscribers and a huge advantage being able to Explain the geometry behind cars Even those who don’t get along well with numbers, formulas, and principles of applied physics.

First of all, it is very helpful to go through the datasheet. The numbers say so The new 2.4-liter boxer engine produces 23 hp and features 38 Nm over the old 2-liter engine. But since it is derived from the ascendant, which contains the turbo, why did it abandon the forced feeding? Wouldn’t that be an easy way to get a few dozen additional resumes? When it comes to numbers, the answer is yes. But it indicates Explain geometryAnd the Adding a turbocharger is not so simple. It means adding weight, an aspect that inevitably influences many other design parameters. A heavier, more powerful car should have bigger brakes, for example, and driving is always less precise and fun.

Subaru BRZ, a high-performance variant possible

If you look at the philosophy and the reason for the existence of the BRZ, A machine designed to enjoy the old-fashioned wayTo pull gears into the red area of ​​the rev counter, the turbo is not needed. The new engine spins higher and has a smoother torque curve than before, resulting in steady traction, without the doubts many older model owners have complained about, who question more horsepower. Basically, the new BRZ is starting to do its best When you are just starting to heat up most naturally aspirated cars. Fans get it right, even if it’s hard for many to stop thinking how fast it can be with the addition of the turbo …

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