The “Student Athlete” Supporting the American (Athlete) Dream

Provide tangible support to young Italian athletes seeking scholarship in American universities. This is the first and only goal of Student-Athlete, a cultural association founded a year ago by Oliver Busarelli, with the help of Flavio Colasanti, Riccardo Sambogaro and Daniel Broch, all of whom are veterans or currently involved in sports and study experiences. United States: Oliver at Montana State University at Billings first and then at Marquette University; Flavio also at Montana State University in Billings and then at Barry University in Miami; Ricardo at Young Harris College. Daniel at Catawba College and then the prestigious Duke.
The story of poker game players who faced a large number of requests for suggestions and hints on how to start a sports career in the United States, and decided to join forces and create a real “bridge” between Italy and the United States of America, in a practical and tangible advisory service that has witnessed, in recent months, an incredible surge of Girls and boys looking to experience life abroad: so far, the number of applications received from all over Italy has exceeded 250.
The Student Athlete, in essence, searches for and locates scholarships for graduates of Italian high schools, who have entered the first years of university in Italy or who wish to enter the fourth year of secondary school abroad. The most “covered” sport is football, but people seeking scholarships are also “supported” in other disciplines, such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc. Depending on the candidate’s athletic and athletic qualities, the agency can select an appropriate scholarship (with full or partial coverage), which can cover university expenses in both Division I and Division II of the collegiate league with distinction, the National University Athletic Association (NCAA). Scholarships in the American higher education system are essential to avoid tuition fees that, in some cases, can easily exceed forty or fifty thousand dollars a year. Not surprisingly, after decades of heavy indebtedness of students and their families to banks to pay college fees, US President Joe Biden in late September introduced a $400 billion plan to cancel millions of American student debt.
A grim picture, however, does not frighten the “student-athlete” professionals who, thanks to their poetic web of relationships and extensive knowledge of the complex training mechanics of the United States, are able to connect Italian talent to universities all over America, sending a short video of the athlete and his athletic skills to the recruiters.
But not only that: the association also organizes “shows” in existence, inviting coaches and managers from the best foreign universities to Rome to show their direct potential as the next “student-athletes”. The last of these tests took place last June, and the next will likely be over the course of the winter. An opportunity not to be missed to give shape to what could become a true ‘American Dream’.

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