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The story of Dario de Angelis

Dario de Angelis is a Neapolitan boy who left Milan at the age of 14 to start working as a hairdresser. “After many years of working in different salons and then continuing for more than 7/8 years in one of the most important salons of Italy in Milan called Maison Mamì, I finally reached the age of thinking about a better future and for many other reasons I decided to visit Australia,” de Angelis told Naples today about His first practical experience.

success in australia

Today Dario is 31 years old and the father of one. However, he chose to leave Italy, “because unfortunately my relationship was not healthy and therefore the best thing to do was escape. Through a cousin of mine from Naples, I went to Australia for the first time on January 1, 2015. Since that day I have changed My life.Two weeks in this wonderful place called Manly,20 minutes from Sydney.Followed in love with the place and decided to move to Sydney.Now I am an Australian citizen thanks to my girlfriend and friends who helped me a lot.After 5 years and a few months in Australia after sacrificing everything to get accommodation Standing, I opened a hairdressing shop and a record store, where I also became a well-known DJ in Sydney.My shop is now a business of success and has taken root in the heart of Manley.This made me understand and it is the message I would like to pass on to others that if there are no opportunities in your place or your place, you should try to find it somewhere else. I am also able to see my son here in Australia one day,” concludes Dario.

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