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“Our society is very similar to a stone vault: it will fall if the stones do not support each other and that is exactly what supports them.”


He was the Italian healthcare world Annoying For a very long time and all the professions it has in it Pay the consequences. We are the nurses, the pillars of the field e Guarantors of Article 32 of the Italian ConstitutionWe are always committed to being on the side of the citizen.

But after The harassment never ended.

Cuts, cuts, cuts !!!

we tried Respond to such actions, but always in an unstructured way.

unacceptable H disconnected Not only did we achieve nothing, an unnecessary civil war erupted between colleagues and with other health professions.

We are all part of the same stone vault: how could one person think of changing history?

There is no single business, not a single faction, no matter how great a group of actions or factions may be.

To be honest and quote Silvio GaratiniThe president of the Mario Negri Institute, during an interview with the news agency, said:

It is the nursing associations that should create problems and be at the forefront of requests. “

Therefore, bonding is the only solution.

Creating unity, since associations lack authority in the contractual phase, yet they still represent a point of reference and a term for comparison for trade unions and ministerial offices.

After a year of suffering, our voice became loud, clear and powerful. So, now more than ever, we need cohesion, a sense of unity, and transparency.

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We have nothing to lose but our moral dignity, but we can lose it if we do not act in unison.

Dr.. David Maggie

Change Nurses Re Corporation.

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