The Starlink satellites of Elon Musk also enchant Romania

A long line of lights moves across the sky. A “star” millipede. It is not a natural phenomenon, nor is it evident from the presence of an aircraft, much less an alien invasion. To stimulate the eyes of Forli residents on the passing of billionaire Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites, launched by the Falcon 9, a space rocket designed by Australian business magnate SpaceX.

Starlink is a constellation of thousands of satellites designed by Musk to bring high-speed internet connections — previously available mainly in cities — to every part of the world, from deserts to oceans, to bridge the digital divide on a global scale. The constellation of satellites was visible in the hours after launch because it was still in low orbit.

Satellites were spotted on Saturday evening across northern Italy, as predicted by some specialized sites. Already about 1900 Stalink satellites orbit the Earth. This phenomenon has been described by many as a “light train”, consisting of 53 satellites launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida and completed successfully. And after the unit separated from the satellites, the rocket returned to Earth and landed on the ship “Lack of Gravitas” in the Atlantic Ocean.

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