The Spirit of the Samurai: FGS 2023 beautiful stop-motion game trailer

This was announced at the Future Games Show 2023 Samurai spiritA stop-motion game inspired by Japanese mythology. It is a side-scrolling action game with metrodivania elements. It will come to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

there Official description It reads: “Take on the role of Takeshi, a Japanese samurai who must protect his village from an oni attack who seeks to conquer the land with his army of undead. Battle his army of tengu, undead and the terrible Jorogumo, all inspired by Japanese mythology, in a unique cinematic adventure brutality.

Face hordes of demons armed with the weapons of ancient Japan: the famous katana, the versatile yari spear, and the massive bow. Unleash devastating special attacks and combos unique to each character as you fight your way to the oni castle.

“Every step you take and every enemy you defeat gives you invaluable experience. Use it to unlock your true potential, by improving your skills, honing your stats and above all by mastering a series of cool moves that you can form into custom combos.”

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