The solution to watch Netflix US and many other catalogs safely

NordVPN - The solution to safely watch Netflix in the US and many other catalogs

new TV series Very Popular is about to emerge Netflix And on other platforms that are more popularly chosen by the public. Certainly among the most awaited The devilWhich will present the second part of its fifth season, and House of Cards 5 Which sparked enthusiastic discussions for some time. Despite the great desire and enthusiasm that is being attracted around these are now united and famous Turns out, Users know very well that there is a lot of other content It is provided exclusively for other countries. These can be accessed using a file VPNAs mentioned, a solution that provides security and many other opportunities.

NordVPN: What is a VPN and what NordVPN has put forth

Have you tried one before VPN? Or rather: Do you know what a VPN is? This is nothing more than an acronym for Virtual Private Network, It is a solution that provides complete anonymous browsing and security on the web. All this by hiding the device’s IP address and keeping no traces of travel logs.

The Completely anonymous It is offered and guaranteed through the best security protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, SSTP and IKEv2, to name a few) and the important AES-256 encryption offered to the military. NordVPN It is the first company to adopt a New security protocol based on WireGuard® and NordLynx. From more than 256,886 tests conducted, it turns out that NordLynx enables faster browsing and download speeds, with the same standards of security and privacy.

NordVPN: Catalogs of other countries on your screens, how to access Netflix US and Amazon Prime Video US

Using a VPN is helpful not only in the matter of security but also for curiosity. Users can actually approve of its use for Open video content On the various streaming services Neflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney +. The Many providers apply catalog restrictions According to every nation. For example, the United States catalog is provided much more than the Italian catalog. By making use of NordVPN to connect to servers in the US, it is possible to circumvent control and get it for free.

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Users using platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in general can do something Well-stocked catalogs Compared to Italian. If you reside outside the United States, you may discover a wide range of exclusive TV series and content; Among those here Development stalled Along with other movies like Very bad e Scott Pilgrim versus the World. There are also some very popular series like Twilight Zone e The great Brit bakes, At the top of the related classifications US Netflix. Also noteworthy Stargate SG-1, orange-orange e Mr. Ink.

On Netflix UK there are some shows like Only Fools and Horses, the classic British sitcom, or maybe the popular brain-skill-based intelligence game. There are also other very popular titles on the other side of the cover I’m Alan PartridgeAnd the It’s always sunny in Philadelphia Exclusively on HuluAnd the Fawlty TowersAnd the Divergent, The American and English versions of the desk e Parks and recreational resorts.

One of the added benefits of using NordVPN to access entertainment content like Netflix is ​​the ability to switch catalogs Using the same calculation as always.

Successful series like House of Cards, Twin Peaks, The Walking Dead It’s actually available in Italy, but on other, more expensive cable platforms. There are many streaming platforms nowadays – and there is a risk of having to subscribe to 3 or 4 if you want to access a well-stocked content park. However, with NordVPN, it’s enough to just subscribe to a live streaming service (like Netflix) and simply call the country with the most interesting catalog, from time to time.

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In addition to what was just described, there are also streaming services that are not yet available in Italy. It can only be accessed and exclusively through the use of a VPN. One of the most famous for sure Hulu, Beside HBO Max.

NordVPN: Your Guide to Accessing Foreign Catalogs

To access these services, simply call NordVPN And connect to one of the many servers in the United States; This will be the procedure before creating an account with which to enjoy several exclusive products.

Of course, you are wondering how to watch foreign content if you don’t know the language. As you can see by sifting through the options of Netflix or maybe Amazon Prime Video, there is an opportunity to change the language and in the absence of subtitles can be added. Don’t worry about it, you just have to try to look at the options suggested above using the methodology outlined. To summarize it in the main points:

  1. 1. Download NordVPN. Currently there is a promotional offer in the 2-year plan – if you purchase NordVPN From this linkYou’ll get a solid discount and a 30-day money-back guarantee, to test the service and start watching your favorite TV series.
  2. Open the app(Available on all macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux devices), Select the US server a Any other nation On the map or from the search bar on the left.


3: Click Speed ​​Dial


4. It’s over! Your IP address will now appear in the United States (Or whatever other country you choose) and you can start enjoying more catalogs of services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney +. With a NordVPN account, they can connect Up to 6 devices simultaneously Protect and browse from any device.

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NordVPN: Ample space to play sports safely, anywhere in the world

In addition to the movies, TV series, and content just described, there are also many possibilities for those who love sports. VPN allows secure access to services of caliber SkyGo e DAZN anytime anywhere. In fact, if you are not considering a VPN, it would be very difficult to connect to these services from outside. With NordVPN all you have to do is connect to an Italian or European server to get the programming as if you were in Italy.

There are 3 proposals For the subscription you can choose from NordVPN’s catalog:

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