The Sleep Diet: How to Lose Weight While You Sleep

“We are what we eat.” How many times have you heard this sentence repeated on TV and how many times have you read it in the newspapers? Certainly many, and there is some truth in this saying.

It is no longer a mystery that nutrition plays a fundamental role in our psychological and physical health and well-being. And now, a Norwegian team of experts has shown that the food we eat every day can extend our lives, not just a little.

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Here is the diet that can extend life up to 10 years

There are some Advice Which, if followed consistently, ensures longevity. First of all, avoid smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and follow a healthy and balanced diet. It is a question of adopting measures that will bring immediate benefits in daily life, even obtaining tangible advantages such as a Life extension.

In fact, a recent study showed that following a balanced eating plan can extend life for up to a decade. It is a healthy diet that includes the consumption of grains, nuts, vegetables, legumes, eggs, dairy products, fish, fruits, Avoid eating red meat and sugary drinks.

According to what researchers discovered, then published in Plus Medicine The diet in question if it is followed from an age 20 years, It can increase the longevity of both men and women 10 years.

If, on the other hand, it reaches 60 years A diet that consumes large amounts of red meat, sugary drinks, alcohol and unhealthy foods is preferred, and if you are going to switch to this optimal diet, you can still increase your life span. 8 years.

In case it was a file above 80 Changing your eating plan in favor of the perfect one can extend your life by about 3 and a half years.

This is what the researchers found

The researchers explained: “We could simply indicate that for certain food groups such as legumes, An optimal diet requires a high intake but such an intake may not be feasible for many.”.

Poe added, “Therefore, we also provided nutritional estimates for the feasibility approach that are closer to what we can realistically expect from most people’s diet changes and in most contexts where it is often difficult to pursue certain goals in daily practice.”

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