The size and power of the electric truck

The official presentation is scheduled for March 9, and the model will arrive in European markets in the fall. Two versions: five-seater and minivan. Compact dimensions and 204 hp electric motor, Meb . platform

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February 21

– Milan

Transporter, “Bully” for the Germans, the VW minibus, Volkswagen, the German company’s light commercial transport past is engraved with these names and nicknames for the compact vehicle (originally derived from Beetle mechanics) that has handled goods and people since 1949 nonstop around the world. . But the needs of modern cities and the near future require the transition to electric propulsion. After the concept shown in 2017, it’s now time to put the battery-powered heirs to that very important car on the road. On March 9, the Volkswagen ID.Buzz engine will be shown for the first time in the world, along with its companion ID.Buzz Cargo. The first is the five-seater minibus, and the second is the minibus. After starting production in the first half of 2022, the electric Bulli (also known as the e-Bulli) will be launched in European markets and in the United States in the fall.

Volkswagen ID featuring five seats, technical characteristics

Volkswagen ID.Buzz van was born from Meb, the well-known platform dedicated to electric vehicles. But it should be remembered that the Wolfsburg house already showed an experimental battery-powered prototype 50 years ago: in fact, in 1972, the Bulli with a rear electric drive and a range of 85 kilometers was demonstrated at the Hannover Fair. In the five-seat version ID. Buzz is the heir to the legendary minibus “Maggiolinesco”; In addition to the ID.3, it also has rear-wheel drive and the same electric motor with a power of 150 kW, equivalent to 204 hp with a maximum torque of 310 Nm. The battery has a capacity of 82 kWh (77 net) and manages the same charging power as other ID models. Autonomy is not reported. And these are the external dimensions: length 4.712 mm, overall height 1937 mm, loading height 619 mm, wheelbase 2.988 mm, width 1.985 mm excluding mirrors. The trunk holds up to 1121 liters.

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Volkswagen Buzz Cargo ID, truck dimensions

ID.Buzz Cargo is the truck version equipped with three front seats. The same twin mechanics, in addition to the maximum speed, is electronically limited to 145 km / h, and the turning circle, which is just over 11 meters. Dimensions differ in the loading compartment with a capacity of more than 3.9 cubic meters, then the loading height is 623 mm and the total height is 1938 mm. A long-wheelbase version will arrive in 2023. Like the five-seat model, it features an automatic parking entry and exit system, as well as short-range warning and danger messages and semi-automatic control of lateral and longitudinal driving dynamics, at any speed. In addition, on-board software updates will be received remotely (that is, via an over-the-air system).

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