The “six countries” do not deserve to miss a huge opportunity

Hopefully coach Kieran Crowley, captain Michel Lamareau, French champion Paulo Garbessi, the rest of the Azorean troops and Fir Peak will realize how much disaster they have brought together by losing clearly and deservingly from Georgia, moreover, in the beautiful and modern stadium of Batumi, a scenic coastal city in front of 20 thousand Georgians. A framework that looks even attractive and makes the avoidable and above all unacceptable ko all the more bitter and unsettling.

Caporetto (ended Sunday 28-19) who can now find Piaf along its banks waiting to rearrange its forces, to understand the cause of the ruthless collapse suffered by a group that managed to save existence in March for Italy in the Six Nations victory over Wales in a dramatic (The day before yesterday I beat the World Champion at Springboks in South Africa) After an eternal 7 years without joy in the tournament. The same group struggles four months later to beat the insurmountable Portugal, have to fight to knock tiny Romania to the ground and then lose the only match Italy should never lose, the one against Georgia which they haven’t repeated in the past seven years. That he wanted to participate in the Six Nations, perhaps instead of the Azores.

Four years ago at Florence Parisse & Co. They closed the mouth of the Georgians with a hit, albeit without glorification (28-17), but in Batumi it was only necessary to win and that’s it, even with one point. Instead, Italy was never given the idea of ​​being in the game, and was annihilated by a hungry team, with more heart and pride than technique. Arsenal is still able to score three well-built goals compared to the only blue Minoncello invented who can still play in the Under-20 team and who, having received praise for his method of penetrating the Georgian defense, can avoid making decisions in the future (sky) after marking . It doesn’t happen on its own, just not in such a delicate game that it has never been controlled.

Once his flash was removed, there was nothing left to save in the blue match conducted with tactical immaturity and ignorance that froze. How many penalty kicks does it take the Blues to score (one!) Goal: 10? 20? Is there a trocar business that isn’t “ball to brix”? Is Alessandro Garbessi, the No.9 brother of France’s No.10 champion, really ready for the first national team?

The feeling is that coach Crowley and the Azzurri did not understand the abyss that represented a knockout with Georgia. Otherwise – we hope – they wouldn’t have played in such a miserable, futile manner, thinking more about complaining to the referee than standing there with their heads down while the match crumbles in their hands.

It was the blessed times when we left for the summer tour: a practical victory over Canada or the United States and a two-stroke declaration against New Zealand or South Arica. Everything was in order, everything was quickly saved, and many in Italy on vacation no one noticed what was happening abroad. Even abroad, no one noticed her.

The match against the Georgians had to be prepared, especially mentally, from the day after the centuries-old success in Cardiff. Imagine the impact of victory over Wales with the victory of Georgia?

Throughout the entire millennium, the question of Italy yes Italy no was no longer asked in the tournament, but now we have fallen into khaki land without even a superpower like European theater-aspiring South Africa getting in our way.

And in fact, L’Equipe and the Times have already – rightly – returned to the office: in particular, the French, in a large company, highlighted the need for a play-off between Italy and Georgia (the best nickname among other Europeans) to establish (from after 2025) who deserves Stay in the tournament.

The victory over Georgia would have been a fig leaf to conceal the movement’s historical, structural, and administrative boundaries. Of course, but now that we’re naked as we try to build Italian rugby into the future, the cement formula is clearly wrong.

The hardships of Portugal and the fragility of Romania had to beware, and they had to call for a careful and meticulous game capable of containing the expected wrath of the Georgians who had been waiting for us for years in their homeland’s trap.

After he defeated Wells he was not granted any right or privilege. The privilege, in fact, is to be included in the Six Nations for at least another two years. The privilege is to repeat the mantra that Italy must remain in the championship despite the saints. The Six Nations Championship has become the surefire, guaranteed and risk-free prize for those who make it to the national team.

The Azores of past generations have proven themselves to be a carefree threshold level under the age of twenty, then a change of scenery. The arrival of adults in the Six Nations often did not lead to all the maturity that should be associated with a sense of responsibility. Certainly lacking not only for those who play, but especially those who train and those who manage the movement.

What is left now that we are still the worst of the best but no longer the best of the worst, far behind, with no condition or reservations, in the rankings (Georgia 12, Italy 14)?

Where do you find clothes to dress the naked king? Perhaps they are dressed in the worn-out clothes of the poor, forgetting the absurd and murderous delusion of being princes.

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