The singer discovered betrayal

12 years after the first meeting – which was held on the occasion of the World Cup in South Africa – Shakira and Gerard Pique They will be in crisis, one step away from goodbye. The sensational indiscretion comes from the Spanish newspaper El Periodico, which has collected multiple evidence of this fracture that threatens to change the life of the pop star and player forever. The singer seems to have discovered a betrayal of his partner. In addition to the athlete He was hanging out with some friends from nightclubs and was spotted a few times with other women. Nocturnal outings would have continued until dawn and would have enraged the Latin artist, who would have decided to remove Pique. It seems that the latter has returned to live in his old apartment in Montanerre.

Shakira and Pique are about to say goodbye

In the past period, other evidence pointing to an alleged crisis has been leaked. Shakira I went on vacation twice In Ibiza with his two sons Milan and Sasha. Not even Pique’s shadow: The couple hasn’t looked united and complicit for months and even on photos on social media and romantic dedications have been unavailable for quite some time, more specifically since last March. As if that weren’t enough for Shakira’s last song – T Felicito – talks about the wrong behavior of a man towards his better half. “I can’t stand two-faced people. I put my hands on fire for you. The wound I got didn’t cut my skin, but it opened my eyes, and I blushed for you” and He reads a verse from the passage. For many a clear reference to the Barcelona defender …

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The story between Shakira and Pique

Shakira And Pique have been in love since 2010. Before meeting the athlete, she was linked to him for 11 years Antonio de la Rua, lawyer and son of the former President of Argentina. The significant age difference – Shakira is ten years older than Gerrard – has never been an issue for those directly affected, who have neither confirmed nor denied the alleged split at the moment. For love Shakira moved to Spain. The couple had two children, Milan and Sasha, who are now nine and seven years old, respectively.

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