The silent enemy that can harm the health of tattoo owners, but it is not disposable needles

Tattoos have been in fashion for many years now. They can be a reminder of an important event, Code With special value, the name of the person you love, etc.
As mentioned in the magazine The Focus team, a team of German scientists and the ESRF, European Syncroton of Grenoble, published in the journal Scientific Reports Nature the potential risks that have not yet been investigated, that tattoos could be involved.

The silent enemy that can harm the health of tattoo owners, but it is not disposable needles. Who could it be?
In simple terms, the substances in tattoo ink travel through our bodies, in the form of micro and micro particles. “This was the first time their flight had been photographed and analyzed by the team of scientists.”
They state that those who undergo tattoos should pay attention not only to the selection of high professional positions and the use of sterile disposable needles. Not only that, but also the chemical composition of the ink used.


The silent enemy that can harm the health of tattoo owners, but it is not disposable needles

Unfortunately, even today, little is known about the potential danger of the chemicals that make up the inks used. In general, almost all of them consist of natural materials but also some chemical elements and pollutants such as: chromium, nickel and cobalt.
Scientists are already partially aware of the fact that tattoo pigments can reach and deposit lymph nodes by traveling in the form of tiny particles.

But recently, powerful microscopes using European synchrotron light ESRF have highlighted the presence of nanoparticles called nanoparticles.

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At the moment, there is no clarity as to what this could mean for the health of the organism. At the moment, the only risk that has been ascertained is the possibility of a slight swelling of the lymph nodes which usually resolves on its own. If this does not happen and we are talking about chronic, we may face possible changes in the immune system.
The ink particles will penetrate the lymphatic system and most likely reach different organs, but the consequences are not yet known but will be the subject of future studies.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)

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