The shocking shot revealed everything

Strength wears out those who don’t have it. Andreotti’s motto was in Italy, but the adage is used globally. Also and especially in the United States, where President Biden was photographed with a bullet that revealed his smartphone. to general astonishment.

If it is true that this blessed power inflicts on those who do not possess it, then it is also true that those who possess power are always in the spotlight, and therefore must comply with actions that ordinary people cannot even imagine.

The White House - Mobile Phones 20221003
The White House –

Therefore, when we talk about one of the most important personalities on the entire planet, curiosity reigns first. In this sense, the man at the helm of the most powerful country in the world has two limits: one is specifically for smartphone use.

Like Obama, so is Joe Biden

It was the same Ari SchwartzHe is a member of the US National Cyber ​​Security Council, to state that “During the Obama administration, it was common for the iPad to have special modificationsWhen, in 2010, President Obama wanted permission IPAD, It was given a special “booster” from a safety point of view. And when such a device was handed over to all his crew, a quarrel broke out in the media. From Obama to me Biden, The step is short.

Joe Biden - Cell 20221003
Joe Biden –

The President of the United States was recently photographed on a business trip in the middle of a phone call: so it was possible, in the end, to find out that the American leader is using Iphone in which there is a detail “Designer” cover with stamp Potos. Here too, open heaven, that picture is spreading around the world, everyone is talking about it, at home, not.

Although this object could hardly offer any particular kind of protection, it is easy to imagine that it was positioned to facilitate immediate identification: though the powerful Biden is still a man and we can legitimately think that he, like everyone else, is leaving between Now and then around the smartphone.

In fact Melafonino Shown in this photo, it’s not Joe Biden’s only smartphone, which isn’t surprising considering the character we’re talking about. But unlike the easily identifiable iPhone, in this case, the shot didn’t reveal which second smartphone model you’re using President.

Insiders guarantee it Joe Biden He often changes his smartphone, even for safety reasons. But all the hype for the number one iPhone cover in the US should make us think.

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