The secret to thick, voluminous braids even for the finest, no-attachment hair

There are a lot of women who love braids. Influenced by films and photos from the past, we dream of thick and voluminous braids. Often times, however, those who have fine hair or weight Meet with a nice disappointment. In fact, it’s hard to have dream braids. Thankfully, there is a trick that allows us to volumize our braids.

Dream braids

The secret to thick and voluminous braids will help even the finest hair without extensions in many cases. In fact, the types of braid that we can apply this method to differ. First of all, braids.

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The more we divide our hair into different braids, the thinner they become. Moreover, those who already have fine hair run the risk of finding themselves with very small braids.

But this method can also be useful when we are creating a single strand and wanting to give it texture without making a mess. Often times, in fact, to get thicker braids we don’t tend to pull the hair out enough. However, this results in a very soft and disheveled braid.

The secret of voluminous braids

With this method, we can, instead, have elegant and voluminous braids. And all without the use of accessories! In fact, many women often give body to their hair by using Fake hair. If this were a great solution, not everyone would like it.

There are people who actually want to be able to thicken their hair in a natural way. Here, then, is the secret to thick and voluminous braids for even the finest, extensions-free hair.

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First you need to braid your hair. At this stage it is sufficient to make a regular braid, even if it is very tight. Don’t be afraid that the result will be a very thin braid. Once you braid the hair, flex the lock close. Now all that’s left is to thicken the braid! This procedure is very simple.

In fact, it’s enough to gently grab each section of the braid, that is, the two “curves” that are created at each level, and pull out. This way the curl will spread out instantly, giving us thicker hair.

You must repeat the process along the entire length of the strand, until the bottom. However, it is necessary to be careful and use the same force on all sections, so that wider areas are not created than the others.

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