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shelves Phil Spencer It’s now a bit of a memes, with everyone going crazy looking for clues and potential links to rumors starting with the many things that often appear behind the Xbox boss during live videos from the office, but in this case we finally have an accurate explanation on the mysterious existence Nintendo Switch, the consul who often appeared among various suspicious objects.

After Phil Spencer revealed, long before the official announcement, the Xbox Series S semi-hidden on a shelf in his office, the search began for possible clues during the following live shows, and it is likely that the same person in charge of Xbox enjoyed this question by filling in their area shelves of various things and drives fans crazy looking for links with rumors.

Nintendo Switch on the shelf behind Phil Spencer
Nintendo Switch on the shelf behind Phil Spencer

The insistent presence of the Nintendo Switch has often been explained between these good relations that characterize Microsoft and Nintendo, but there have been more daring theories, such as whether or not Xbox Game Pass could be seen on the Switch. Obsession Nintendo, mostly as a joke.

The explanation is much simpler and Spencer himself gave it during a recent episode of the Kinda Funny podcast: This console is actually Present Which is what the president of the American company Nintendo did to Phil Spencer, who thus exposed him as a sign of thanks.

“The Nintendo Switch was a gift from Nintendo. Doug Bowser And the team is very close to us, we are both in Redmond, Washington, and this console was a gift from them. I also have another game that I use when I play at home, but this is the one they gave me as soon as the console launched. This is its source.”

So there are no particularly secret meanings of having a Nintendo Switch on Phil Spencer’s shelf, it’s just a special gift from Nintendo that the head of Xbox cleverly reveals. thanks.

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