The scandal broke out and the dean resigned

The music video was misunderstood by the official who allowed it to be filmed: “I thought it was a story of transformation.” Organized an event to purify the church

It was the diocese that made it clear that the dean would leave office on October 15, according to the statement, “in full partnership” with Toledo Archbishop Francisco Cero. But for the Dean, he witnessed the video and the song “One Story the transfer Through human love “in a language” that fits the culture of our time.”

On the other hand, the Archbishop apologized to the faithful and organized an event purity For Sunday 17 October.

The video production has pushed, to use the cathedral as a group as well 15mil The euro is dedicated to social work.

Ferrer was careful to point out that the misunderstanding could be derived from the song’s lyrics: “I was an atheist / But now I believe / Because a miracle like you must come down from heaven.”

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