«The Scampia boys risk losing the gym» –

The future of the Masters Judo Hall is in jeopardy Gianni Maddalone in Scampia. The municipality requires a balance of arrears of just over €380,000, and sets the monthly lease for the building in which the building is located at €1,900. Star Judo Club. Numbers that completely exceed Maddalone’s capabilities. Above all, he never thought of having to pay the rent for a gymnasium that was born within municipal property for the simple reason that it was never asked. Why star judo club He was not born to do business but to present the boys of Scampia An alternative to Strada, which in these parts means Deal and Camorra. Target centered on the plan, and the books celebrated it, even if it was fictional for Rai1, and with the appreciation of Kony who is with the Chief Malago He defined Maddalone’s commitment to transmitting the values ​​of judo and sport to the children of Scampia, and above all respect for the rules and laws, as “legendary”.

the Union

Not to mention that even FILCAM (Italian Federation for Judo, Karate and Martial Arts) has benefited greatly from it thanks to a long string of successes in the competitive field which includes world, European and Italian titles and has been conquered by athletes born and raised on this tatami. The letter in which the Star Judo Club is referred to as “owes the Municipality of Naples for unpaid monthly installments relating to professional fees and / or allowances (…) totaling €380,574.70” is dated December 29 and sent by the company Napoli Servizi a house The municipality that manages the assets, among others. But in the facility’s delivery report on October 11, 2005, when he was mayor Rosa Rosso ErvolinoThere is no mention of royalties, but Maddaloni is clearly referred to as being “dedicated to all legal effects” of the properties in question.

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monthly fees

«Here, – the teacher explains, – the monthly fee is symbolic, and those who cannot pay it, train anyway. Then there are the prisoners sent to us by the supervising judge, and we have hundreds of them, and children with relationship problems that schools ask us to take in. We’re doing social work, so how do you think we can push those numbers? ». Maddalone is waiting for a signal from Mayor Gaetano Manfredi, rely on him to keep everything from falling apart. However, a phone call has not yet arrived, even if the mayor seems open to it: «I am interested in the matter. We are well aware of the concrete work that structures like Maddaloni have been doing for years for the benefit of the territory and for the younger generations and we are trying to define the right administrative solution to allow these realities to continue their regular functioning. and serenity.”

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