The salary increase for thousands of Italians in this income bracket comes from INPS

The current Budget Law provided for an exemption from the share of social security contributions equal to 0.8% for the whole year for labor relations. In particular, the exemption is granted exceptionally on Social Security contributions for disability, old age, and heirs who are dependent on the worker. Provided that the taxable salary, on a 13-month basis, does not exceed the monthly amount of €2692.00 plus the thirteenth.

The salary increase for many Italians comes from INPS, thanks to the 0.8% exemption from social security contributions. Therefore, the Social Security Corporation provides relevant instructions with Circular no. 43/2022. However, contributions to domestic work relationships are excluded from the support, since Social Security rates are already provided at a reduced rate. While this exemption targets all employment relationships as long as the maximum salary of €2692.00 is respected.

Recipients of the exemption can be all employees of employers in the public and private sectors, regardless of whether they are entrepreneurs or not. The procedure will apply from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 provided that the monthly salary limit indicated above is respected.

The salary increase for thousands of Italians in this income bracket comes from INPS

The exemption applicable to monthly payments from January to December 2022 is a 0.8% reduction in the rate at which Social Security contributions are calculated. This is for contributions paid by workers provided that the taxable salary does not exceed the monthly amount of €2692.00. However, the latter has increased by the amount of the thirteenth maturity of December. Therefore, if the taxable amount exceeds the above amount, there will be no reduction in the share that the worker has to pay. For example, if a worker receives an amount greater than the total of 2,692.00 per month, he will not be entitled to benefits for that month.

The budget law also stipulates that the amount of € 2,692.00 must be increased by the thirteenth maturity of December. So in this case, in the month of December, the exemption will be calculated on both the salary paid in the month of December and on the thirteenth month salary paid in the same month. Always where it is less than or equal to €2692.00.

The Institute also stresses how the exemption facilitating measure applies to both existing and continuing relationships, including apprenticeships. This exemption can be combined with exemptions from contribution provided for in current legislation.

To reach the entitlement, employers will have to disclose, starting with the Uniemens influx for the month of publication of the aforementioned circular, which workers are eligible for exemption.


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